How to Order

1.Add to cart
You can click to select a product from the picture. or type search by code or part name When you have selected the product, click on the "Order" button. The system will display the shopping cart page. to display a list of the selected products. To continue shopping, press the "Continue Shopping" button.

2.Sign in
When choosing a product, if you haven't already, log in to use it. The system will display a login page, enter your email and password. *If you haven't subscribed yet Please apply for membership first.

3.Product inspection
Once logged in The system will display a list of the selected items in the cart. To check the list again, press the "Continue" button. To continue shopping, press the "Continue shopping" button.

4.Choose a delivery method
When the product has been inspected The system will display a page to choose your pickup method. There are 2 main types to choose from, self pick up and delivery. Press the button to confirm the order.

5.Notification of money transfer
Once the money has been transferred for the product You can notify the money transfer from the menu. "Payment notification"

6.Waiting to receive the goods
When the payment has been notified, if you choose the type, pick up the product at the store. (Received from 1 - 2 days) or a request for delivery (Shipping price must be assessed based on product size, delivery within 4 - 7 days)