Shop for Season 2


            Honda launched the campaign "Shop, use. Ching season 2, rich, neat, not in the CC."

Honda motorcycles launched a campaign "Shop. Use. Ching season 2, rich, smooth, not in season." Expressing gratitude to Thai customers from the first season. By giving a big fortune, giving gold bars worth 1 million baht per prize 5 prizes distributed in all 5 regions: North, South, Central, Isan, and Bangkok - Perimeter. With another 550 gold necklace award A total value of more than 20 million baht, which interested people can easily get a chance to win prizes. Just buy any Honda motorcycle Unlimited cc. At distribution centers Honda Wing Center, Honda BigWing and CUB House nationwide From January 15, 2021 to March 31, 2021 only!

"Shop. Use. Win Season 2. Rich, smooth, not like CC." All 555 awards include
1st prize: 5 gold bars, valued at 1,000,000 baht each, total value 5,000,000 baht 2nd prize, 10 baht gold necklace, value 277,000 baht, 20 prizes, total value 5,540,000 baht 3rd prize, gold necklace, weight 5 baht, value 138,500 baht, total 30 prizes, value 4,155,000 baht. 4th prize, 1 baht gold necklace, value 27,700 baht, 50 prizes, total value 1,385,000 baht 5th prize, 50 satang gold necklace, valued at 13,925 baht per prize, total of 150 prizes, valued at 2,088,750 baht 6th prize, 25 satang gold necklace, valued at 7,032.50 baht, 300 prizes, total value 2,109,750 baht Participants can use the right to register for the sweepstakes through the My Honda Moto application or register through the Honda motorcycle website at: After that, you will receive a confirmation SMS within 24 hours. By using the lucky draw, registration will be expired by March 31, 2021. And set a lucky draw It will take place on May 20, 2021.
The customer will be entitled to the price of the motorcycle. Starting from the price not exceeding 100,000 baht, get 1 right / 1 car, price 100,001 - 250,000 baht. Get 2 privileges / 1 car and price from 250,001 baht or more, get 3 rights / 1 car (refer to the recommended price)

Interested persons can follow up and ask more at Suparat Motor