Canvas PCX160 Sportive ride edition new


            New PCX160 Sportive ride edition launched

NEW DESIGN SPORT PREMIUM New look, premium sport design, comes with the PCX logo in red chrome. reflecting another level of endless excitement

eSP+, fun acceleration, beginning, middle, end, eSP+ engine, 4 valves, 156.93 cc, new technology, the best power in a premium A.T.
ABS & DISC BRAKE Front and rear disc brakes with front ABS help prevent the wheels from locking when braking suddenly. Helps to control driving and braking more confidently DISC BRAKE REAR +HSTC REAR DISC with rotation detection system and control the front and rear wheels in relation to each other. Helps prevent slipping and loss of balance while driving through the display on the dial FULL LED HEADLIGHT New headlights, another level of luxury design. Cool, sharp, PCX style, comes with a dimmer (Positioning Light) and LED turn signals.

Those who are interested can follow more details of at Suparat Motor