HONDA has CBR 150 facelift from 2021


            HONDA has a CB150R facelift for 2021.

Outstanding with a round headlamp Full LED Lighting System that fits the body like the old Neo Sports Caf? street style. With a new graphic bar on the fuel tank

Speedometer LCD with full signal lights such as engine speed display bar Shift warning light Digital clock with driving timer function. And indicator light for fuel economy Make your every trip fun ride.
The seat is black, designed to match the car very well. Tail lights are LED, sport exhaust design. And positioned near the engine to balance the car weight at the center of gravity makes the car fun to control as you want. The engine of NEW HONDA CB150R is based on MotoGP racetrack technology. With power injector PGM-FI 150 cc DOHC 4 valves pistons coated with molybdenum. Water cooled 11.3: 1 compression ratio, wet clutch with 6-speed gearbox, rousing strength in every driving stroke.

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