Honda launches new CBR250RR SP


            Honda launches new CBR250RR SP soaring into the world

Electric throttle system Advance with electric throttle technology Works in conjunction with APS (Accelerator Position Sensor Unit) sensors to detect throttle torque. And send data to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) to process with the accelerator opening timing And engine operation It will order the engine to respond quickly to the driver's throttle torque, force as you want.

3-STEP RIDING MODES power from the engine rated 250 cc DOHC 4-valve 2-cylinder in line with water Designed to place the internal system for the device is compact, lightweight, works with maximum efficiency.
ALUMINUM SWINGARMS Aluminum swingarm Using GDC (Gravity Die Casting) technique for strength, light weight, cool big bike style design. PRO-LINK REAR SUSPENSION WITH 5-STEP ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM Gives a smooth ride, good balance, can adjust the hardness to 5 levels, can receive shocks according to the weight and road conditions. Giving you confidence in every ride

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