Honda Fund to Fight the New Wave of COVID-19


         Honda Fund alongside Thailand Joining Against the New Wave of COVID-19 Produce and donate 1,000 innovations of negative and positive pressure masks For the benefit of the protection of medical personnel and the treatment of patients. With a donation of 100 disinfectant sprayers, worth 40 million baht, donated to 77 provinces nationwide.

        Bangkok, 21 January 2021 At the end of 2020, medical personnel and Thai citizens face another new wave of COVID-19 outbreaks, and the event continues to date. Honda Fund alongside Thailand Under the Honda Thailand Foundation Joining forces with the Honda Group In Thailand continue to develop and produce Negative and positive pressure mask These masks are worn to help prevent infection and transmit COVID-19. It is compact, lightweight, easy to carry, which can be adjusted. 2 styles Both for patients and healthcare workers who care for vulnerable patients to prevent infection. Which was developed from the negative pressure transfer bed That the Honda Fund Was produced and delivered to 96 hospitals nationwide Went in May 2020 By this time, Honda's fund Will produce and donate 1,000 pieces of negative and positive pressure masks with a disinfectant inhaler. Which is a product Among 100 Honda's multi-purpose engines, worth more than 40 million baht Which will be prepared to deliver to 77 provinces nationwide In February 2021 
         Mr. Pitak Phritisarikon, Managing Director of Honda Side by Thai Fund Said “After Honda's fund The negative pressure patient transport bed was manufactured and delivered last year. It is extremely proud that the engineering team of Honda, the original team, does not stop. But has initiated and introduced new projects to the Honda Fund It takes 4 months to create a prototype and develop a combination of negative and positive pressure masks. Which is a medical device that prevents infection and Effective transmission It uses HEPA-class H14 filter technology that can filter up to 0.3 microns and a Microcontroller system. In speed control Of the fan used For ease of use, lithium-ion batteries are also selected. Lightweight And can be used continuously for up to 4 - 6 hours by this innovation Will be manufactured at the Honda Automobile Plant Ayutthaya Province To keep up with the actual use in the new wave epidemic situation As part To help healthcare workers, patients and Thai people get through this situation together” 
          Asst. Prof. Anusangjitsomkasem, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Vajira Hospital Navamindradhiraj University revealed that “Negative and positive pressure mask That the Honda Fund Developing and producing Passed the standardized test of medical devices From the Department of Science Service Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation by this mask The pressure can be adjusted for both positive and negative. It is considered very useful during this new wave of epidemic. Due to the continuous increase in the number of infected people Make medical personnel There is a demand for various medical equipment. To prevent and reduce more risks Which positive pressure mask or PAPR (Power Air Purifying Respirator) It is an essential device for doctors who care for patients with COVID or other respiratory patients who currently have less than 5,000 pieces in Thailand. The mask that the Honda Fund Has been developed and produced It can help reduce the risk for personnel. Doctors and patients infected with COVID-19 Get better It is special that it can also be adjusted to negative pressure to be used for transporting patients. Which will be a new dimension of treatment”

This time, in May 2020, the Honda Fund alongside Thailand Under the Honda Thailand Foundation Together with the Honda group in Thailand Including a nationwide network of Honda car and motorcycle dealers To be a part in helping Thai society Against COVID-19 In this regard, negative pressure patient transport beds are manufactured and delivered. (Negative Pressure Mobile Bed) The amount is 100 beds and was delivered in conjunction with other medical equipment. To 96 hospitals nationwide, totaling 40 million baht through the nationwide network of Honda car and motorcycle dealers And when combined with this time Negative and positive pressure mask protection 1,000 units of COVID-19 will be produced and donated along with 100 inhalers for a total of over 100. 40 million baht To be delivered in February 2021 when the aid of the Honda Fund. Donated to Thai society to join the fight against COVID-19 The total value is more than 80 million baht. By customers who bought Honda products Both motorcycles, cars and general engines All have Take part in helping society this time Through a capital contribution from the purchase of the product The Honda Fund Ready to be with Thai people and provide assistance in various fields To make Thai society through the COVID-19 crisis Go well again And will not stop the development that brings benefits to the Thai people As Honda's intention to create value To be an organization that Thai society wants to exist forever